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Why I teach

I teach because I want to give back to the new generation everything I have learnt throughout my career in the industry. To teach kids and give them something I never got when I was younger. Not only to inspire them, but to help them understand that they can do it to no matter what injury or obstacle they endure throughout their life.

There are a few things I like to cover in my workshops. Firstly I start with the basics of the style of dance. For example, Street Dance is an umbrella term that groups a few dances. Some of these are Hip Hop, House, Popping, Tutting, B-Boying, Turfing and many more. These styles have their OWN foundation/basics just like Jazz or Ballet does but most don't realise it. If the younger generation do not know the Foundation and basics of any movement, they can not advance the dance and themselves further. 

Best place to contact me for more info or to speak directly to me is my social media account at @francistroughley

See you Soon x

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